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We have an extensive product offering of Specialty Stock Forms :

  • Tax Forms
  • ( HCFA ) Health Insurance Claim Forms 
  • Import - Export Forms.

These forms are manufactured in California and in Pennsylvania. In addition to the two manufacturing plants, there are four warehousing facilities located in Minnesota, Florida, Texas and Washington.

All of these Specialty Forms are stock items, not custom, and must follow strict government specifications.

Officially approved tax forms

Rigid IRS & SSA printing specifications are followed in order to pass Optical Scanning (OCR) equipment. All Tax Forms have been certified correct and approved by the Federal Government (plus State and City tax agencies where necessary). Formats meet Official IRS & SSA regulations. Regardless of the style you use, O'Sullivan Enterprises' broad selection of Forms will fill the needs of any employer.

Health Insurance Claim Forms

Some of the benefits of our HCFA program are:

Our forms are officially approved by HCFA, ADA and AMA.

Guaranteed No Breaks in our cartons.

Most complete product offering Including:

  • Blown on Labels
  • Self Seal Jumbo Envelopes
  • Self Seal # 10½ Envelopes 
  • Durable Medical Equipment Forms
  • Imprinting available.
  • Six strategically located shipping points to minimize freight cost.

International Trade Documents for Freight Forwarders, US Customs Brokers & Shippers

  • All forms are officially approved by the United States Department of Commerce, the Department of the Treasury and the International Air Transport Association.
  • Forms are manufactured with Premium (mostly) Carbonless Paper and Inks. 
  •  Imprinting available.
  • No Breaks in our cartons - guaranteed!
    This means the forms can be run unattended
    without having to worry about breaks or jamming.
  • $AVE money on Freight ! * $ave on transit Time !
    Six strategically located shipping points to minimize freight cost: Florida, Washington, California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, & Texas
  • We offer aggregate and / or combination pricing.

     Delivery Order * Delivery Order with Bill of Lading
     3461 * 7501 * 7501-A * 7512 * 7513 * 7533 *
     Shippers Letter of Instruction
     7225-V * 7525-V Alt 
     IATA Shippers Declaration of Dangerous Goods
     Pro Forma Invoice *** Certificate of Registration
     NAFTA Certificate of Origin
     Canadian Customs Invoice
     Invoice for IFF / CHB ( computer )
     Import Invoice ( snap )
     Bank Draft and Bank Draft Transmittal Letter
     International Air Waybill( 24 " and 22 " )
     Export File Folder
     Import File Folder and ABI File Folder
     Lot Labels and Address Labels
     Thermal Transfer Labels, Ribbons and Printers
     Voucher Checks ( The latest in Safety Security 
       Features )

The founder of O'Sullivan Enterprises has been involved with domestic and international transportation since 1967: six years with an all cargo airline and six years with one of the largest freight forwarders & customs brokers in the world.